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Monday, 15 September 2008

Dear Customers:

From September 15, 2008 onwards, Z Badminton Training Center (ZBTC) management team formally took over the APAC Badminton Club and started a new phase of the operation. For current APAC members, ZBTC is dedicated to ensure your existing interests and will provide you with more innovative services. We hope you continue to support the ongoing development and growth of ZBTC with ceaseless enthusiasm of badminton sport.

After extensive exploration and careful thought, ZBTC management team has set up two goals.

  • ZBTC will be dedicated to the promotion of badminton sport as best choice for entertaining activities or social engagements. We hope that customers will achieve maximum benefit in a minimum time when exercising at ZBTC. Within daily busy life, you can create more quality time among family members or invite well-matched and like-minded friends to polish badminton skills here together. We would like to see that ZBTC becomes your favorite field to meaningfully gather the family and pleasantly maintain friendships. ZBTC’s intention is to truly interpret the meaning of badminton sport and re-evaluate its efficiency.
  • ZBTC aims to join the effort of awareness of badminton sports in Silicon Valley to raise the badminton sports to the next level. We will leverage the established world-class coach team discovers new talent to create a team with a higher, faster, and stronger training standard to compete with other world-class teams.

We would like to achieve the above goals and form a higher quality of the sport atmosphere so that you and future ZBTC members are able to exercise in an ideal, fun entertaining hub or be trained in a focused and effective learning center. Therefore ZBTC has started to execute a series of plans to repair the site, renovate the net, paint the walls, overhaul the lighting, improve the sanitation, and to redesign the retail sector. At the same time, we are actively planning additional gravity training equipment and a large television screen in order to introduce up-to-date and first-hand badminton sport information for the purpose of training. We will conduct these tasks outside the business hour to avoid any inconvenience. We kindly request your understanding during this time of transition and hope that improvement to come will make up for any difficult experience. We will be strict in supervision of the construction quality and to do all we can to complete tasks in shortest possible time period so that you ultimately have a safe and comfortable exercising space. We will also strive to have software keep pace with the times so that you and the new members able to grasp the ZBTC information dynamically through efficient channels at any time.

ZBTC team sincerely welcomes you all. We all will provide the service with the idea of “customer is the boss” to meet the reasonable demands from you. Also, we will take your suggestions of conscience seriously. We look forward to seeing you have fun in ZBTC and experiencing the core values of badminton sports with us. Finally, we wish you good health and good luck.

Coach and ZBTC management team

Truly yours




從二零零八年九月十五號起,Z Badminton Training Center (周雷國際羽毛球訓練中心,簡稱ZBTC) 的團隊正式接手APAC Badminton Club,開始另一個全新的經營階段。對於APAC的現有會員,ZBTC會竭誠地為您提供更多創新的服務內容,並且維護既有的權益。希望您能本著熱愛羽球的初衷,繼續關心支持ZBTC的發展和成長。


其次,ZBTC 要結合凝聚有心人士的力量,提高羽球運動層次,拓寬矽谷人的體育視野,運用既有的世界頂尖教練團隊,發掘有潛力的明日之星,打造出一支更高、更快、更強、能匹敵國際水準的明星球隊。

為了達到上述的目標,並帶動營造更高品質的運動氣氛,使您和將來的ZBTC新成員能在理想的活動場地,舒適地休閒娛樂,或是有效地學習訓練,自即日起,ZBTC 將會有計畫的整修場地,翻新球網,粉刷邊牆,檢修照明設備,改善衛生設施,重新設計零售部門。同時我們正在積極規劃添置重力訓練器材,及加掛大型電視屏幕,以便引進最新的羽球資訊,作及時教學之用。為了避免干擾您的運動情緒,我們會儘量選擇在營業以外的時間進行裝修作業。如還有不方便之處,還請您多多諒解,希望我們一起共渡難關。我們將以嚴格的態度、監督施工品質,竭盡所能地儘快完成,使您真正擁有一個舒適、安全的硬體活動空間。在軟體流程的規劃上,我們也會力求與時並進,使您和新會員能透過有效的管道,隨時隨地掌握ZBTC的資訊及動態。

ZBTC 的團隊衷心歡迎新朋老友光臨惠顧。我們也會本著以客為尊的理念,儘可能滿足您的合理要求,並且認真對待您所有愛護我們的良心建言。期待您和我們共同努力,一起在ZBTC找到運動的樂趣和見証羽球的核心價值。最後祝您身體健康,工作順利,萬事如意。


          教練 ZBTC團隊



Z Badminton Training Center, strategically located in the center of Union City, is the latest public badminton club in bay area. The club features badminton, table tennis, coaching programs, and a pro-shop.  At ZBTC, we are striving to provide first class facility and service to our customers.  We have tried hard and we will keep trying. 

Come visit us and let sports light up your life!

Z Badminton Training Center

PS: If you are a first-time customer, please sign up for your own Customer ID. Signing up for your Customer ID before the trip will significantly speed up your check-in process at our frontdesk.



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